240 Income tax officers in the grade of PCIT transferred

As many as 240 officers in the grade of Principal Commissioner of Income Tax have been transferred and  posted at the region/Station tax. The officers are:

  1. Anuradha Misra moved to Agra.
  2. Aniruddha kumar moved to Agra.
  3. Prabhash Shankar moved to Ahmedabad.
  4. Kailash Chandra Naredi moved to Ahmedabad.
  5. T. P. Krishan Kumar moved to Ahmedabad.
  6. Yogendra Kumar Batra moved to Ahmedabad.
  7. Vinod Kumar Pandey moved to Ahmedabad.
  8. Manoj Kumar Dubey moved to Ahmedabad.
  9. Manas Shankar Ray moved to Ahmedabad.
  10. Amit Jain moved to Ahmedabad.
  11. Dr. Ramesh Kumar moved to Ahmedabad.
  12. Neena Kumar moved to Ajmer.
  13. Meeta Nambiar moved to Aligarh.
  14. Feroz Khan moved to Allahabad.
  15. Subrata Kumar Dash moved to Alwar.
  16. Surinder Jit Singh moved to Amritsar.
  17. R. I. S Gill moved to Amritsar. ‘
  18. Shouvik Guha moved to Asansol.
  19. Shivdayal Srivastava moved to Aurangabad.
  20. Ruby Srivastava moved to Aurangabad.
  21. Himalini Kashyap moved to Bareilly.
  22. Kuldeep murti Bali moved to Bathinda.
  23. Manoj Kumar Singh ,oved to Belgaum.
  24. Ashostosh Chandra moved to Bengaluru.
  25. Kishore Kumar Vyawahare moved to Bengaluru.
  26. Sridhar Pdatala moved to Bengaluru.
  27. Krishna Rao Kantipadi moved to Bengaluru.
  28. Anuja Sarangi moved to Bengaluru.
  29. Hemant Kumar Sarangi moved to Bengaluru.
  30. Atul Pranay moved to Bengaluru.
  31. Uma Singh moved to Bengaluru.
  32. Geeta Ravi Chandran moved to Bengaluru.
  33. Anup Kumar Jaiswal moved to Bhopal.
  34. Kailash Chandra Ghumaria moved to Bhopal.
  35. Rakesh Kumar paliwal moved to Bhopal.
  36. Pradosh CHandra Mohanty moved to Bhubaneshwar.
  37. Sukumuar Ranjan Sikdar moved to Bhubaneshwar.
  38. Madhu Mahajan moved to Chandigarh.
  39. Rakesh Mohan Garg moved to Chandigarh.
  40. Shambhu Outta Jha moved to Chandigarh.
  41. Kale Harilal Naick moved to Chennai.
  42. K. K. Arumugan moved to Chennai.
  43. Balakrishnan B. R. moved to Chennai.
  44. N. Sankaran moved to Chennai.
  45. Mehaungam Veerrappalam moved to Chennai.
  46. Pramod Nangia moved to Chennai.
  47. Anil Kumar moved to Chennai.
  48. Harsh Prakash moved to Chennai.
  49. Ashok Kumar Satapathy moved to Cuttack.
  50. Abhay Tayal moved to Dehradun.
  51. Shanta Sujata Abrol moved to Delhi.
  52. Avdesh Kumar Nigam moved to Delhi.
  53. Ramalingam Kumaraswamy moved to Coimbatore.
  54. Arm Swaroop Meena moved to Bikaner.
  55. Sunita Puri moved to Delhi.
  56. Girish Kumar Maheshwari moved to Delhi.
  57. Binod kUmar moved to Delhi.
  58. Pramod Kumar Gupta moved to Delhi.
  59. Narendra Prasad Sinha moved to Delhi.
  60. Sanjay Kumar Mishra moved to Delhi.
  61. Virendra Kumar Saksena moved to Delhi.
  62. Davendra Shanker moved to Delhi.
  63. Raman Kumar Goyal moved to Delhi.
  64. Ajay Kumar Chauhan moved to Delhi.
  65. Rakesh Suri moved to Delhi.
  66. Sonali Arora moved to Delhi.
  67. Samir Mukhopadhyay moved to Delhi.
  68. Suresh Kumar Mittal moved to Delhi.
  69. Ajay Kumar moved to Delhi.
  70. Jugesh Chandra Pegu moved to Delhi.
  71. Pradeep Kumar Ambastha moved to Delhi.
  72. Narendra Singh moved to Delhi.
  73. Harish Kumar moved to Delhi.
  74. Shefali Shah moved to Delhi.
  75. Pramod k. Srivastava moved to Delhi.
  76. Devashish Roy Chaudhary moved to Delhi.
  77. Ashok Kumar moved to Delhi.
  78. Sadhna Shanker moved to Delhi.
  79. Archana Choudhary moved to Delhi.
  80. Hemanata Buoy  Mahanta moved to Delhi.
  81. Lalit Mohan Pandey moved to Dhanbad.
  82. Satya Siva Sundar Bharamarbar Ray moved to Durgapur.
  83. Vijay Kumar moved to Faizabad.
  84. Anuraddha Mookerjee moved to Faridabad.
  85. Avinash Kishore Sahay moved to Gandhinagar.
  86. Arun Kumar Thatai moved to Ghaziabad.
  87. Karri Kamakshi moved to Gulbarga.
  88. Sunil Kumar Ojha moved to Guntur.
  89. Ajay Singh moved to Gurgaon.
  90. Suraj Bhan Nain moved to Gurgaon.
  91. Krishna Mohan Prasad moved to Guwahati.
  92. Vinay Kumar moved to Guwahati.
  93. Shishir Jha moved to Guwahati.
  94. Patanjali moved to Gwalior.
  95. Ashok Kumar Sinha moved to Hazaribagh.
  96. Rananjay Singh moved to Hisar.
  97. Sushil Kumar moved to Hyderabad.
  98. B. Murali Kumar moved to Hyderabad.
  99. Pasupuletty Venkateswara Rao moved to Hyderabad.
  100. S. Venkateswarlu moved to Hyderabad.
  101. Nageshwar Rao Koripalli moved to Hyderabad.
  102. Nitin Gupta moved to Hyderabad.
  103. K. Sridhar moved to Hyderabad.
  104. Sunita Shail Narain moved to Indore.
  105. Girish Dinkar Chandorkar moved to Indore.
  106. Kaluram Meena moved to Jabalpur.
  107. Desh Deepak Goel moved to Jaipur.
  108. Neena Nigam moved to Jaipur.
  109. S. K. Chowdhari moved to Jaipur.
  110. Virendra Singh moved to Jaipur.
  111. Chhavi Anupam moved to Jaipur.
  112. Jatinder Singh Naurath moved to Jalandhar.
  113. Ajay Pal Singh moved to  Jalandhar.
  114. Praveen Kumar moved to Jalandhar.
  115. Sangeeta Gupta moved to Jammu.
  116. Shyam Kumar moved to Jamshedpur.
  117. Santosh Kumar Singh moved to Jodhpur.
  118. Sukhpal Meena moved to Jodhpur.
  119. Biney K Jha moved to Kanpur.
  120. Ashu Jain moved to Kanpur.
  121. Ashim Kumar moved to Kanpur.
  122. Durga Charan Dash moved to Kanpur.
  123. Pawan Singh Tomar moved to Karnal.
  124. Pranab Kumar Das moved to Kochi.
  125. Gadi Venugopala Rao moved to Kochi.
  126. Subashree Anantkrishnan moved to Kochi.
  127. Kana Ram Meghwal moved to Kohlapur.
  128. Manik Lal Karmakar moved to Kohlapur.
  129. Kishan Lal Maheshwari moved to Kolkata.
  130. Shyama Prasad Choudhary moved to Kolkata.
  131. Akhoury Abhay Shanker moved to Kolkata.
  132. Sishir Sinha moved to Kolkata.
  133. Raghubir Sharan Upadhyay moved to Kolkata.
  134. Devendra Nath Mishra moved to Kolkata.
  135. Sandeep Kapoor moved to Kolkata.
  136. Mohammad Wasimul Haque moved to Kolkata.
  137. Arvind Kumar moved to Kolkata.
  138. Rakesh Mishra moved to Kolkata.
  139. K. C. P. Patnaik moved to Kolkata.
  140. Ashish Verma moved to Kolkata.
  141. Prem Prakash moved to Kota.
  142. Rajendra Prasad Srivastava moved to Lucknow.
  143. Rajiv Jain moved to Lucknow.
  144. S. R. Malik moved to Lucknow.
  145. Anand Kumar Agarwal moved to Lucknow.
  146. Desh Bandhu Goyal moved to Ludhiana.
  147. Harjit Singh Soni moved to Ludhiana.
  148. Bharat Bhushan Nanawati moved to Ludhiana.
  149. Anil Mehta moved to Ludhiana.
  150. Parneet Singh Sachdev moved to Ludhiana.
  151. Susie Babu Varghese moved to Madurai.
  152. Lov Chandra joshi Ranee moved to Shillong.
  153. Hukum Chand Negi moved to Shimla.
  154. Hemendra Patidar moved to Surat.
  155. Prakash Chandra moved to Surat.
  156. Sushil Kumar Agarwal moved to Surat.
  157. Rajiv Vijay Nabar moved to Surat.
  158. Satish Kumar Gupta moved to Thane.
  159. Pramod Kumar moved to Thane.
  160. Shri Krishna moved to Thane.
  161. Sailendra Namidi moved to Thiruvananthpuram.
  162. Chhita Ranjan Patti moved to Tiruchirappalli.
  163. Anil Kumar Jain moved to Udaipur.
  164. B. S. Gahlot moved to Ujjain.
  165. Ravindra Kumar Jain moved to Vadodra.
  166. Om Prakash Meena moved to Vadodra.
  167. Lekha Kumar moved to Vadodra.
  168. Amitabh Kumar moved to Vadodra.
  169. Satbir Singh moved to Valsad.
  170. Geetamalla Mohananey moved to Varanasi.
  171. Ajay Kumar Karapati moved to Vijayawada.
  172. Venigalla Nangaprasad moved to Vishakhapatnam.
  173. B. G. reddy moved to Vishakhapatnam.
  174. Omkareshwar Chidra moved to Vishakhapatnam.
  175. A. Vasantha Kumar moved to Tiruchirappalli.
  176. Sumant Sinha moved to Mumbai.
  177. Reena Sinha moved to Muzzaffar Nagar.
  178. D. Vishnuvardha Reddy moved to Mysore.
  179. Asha Aggarwal moved to Nagpur.
  180. Rang Nath Jha moved to Nagpur.
  181. Chet Ram moved to Nagpur.
  182. Kachui Timothy Zimik moved to Nagpur.
  183. Sanjay Kumar Patra moved to Nasik.
  184. Raani Kant Gupta moved to Nasik.
  185. Suresh Singh Panwar moved to Noida.
  186. Alka Tyagi moved to Panaji
  187.  Subrat Mishra moved to Patna.
  188. Ronmoy Das moved to Pondicherri.
  189. Pushp Lata Srivastava moved to Pune.
  190. Mukulesh Chandra Dube moved to Pune.
  191. Vinod Anand Jha moved to Pune.
  192. Rakesh Kumar Gupta moved to Pune.
  193. Anuradha Bhatia moved to
  194. Usha S. Nair moved to Pune.
  195. Niraj Nash kumar moved to Pune.
  196. Satyakam Mishra moved to Pune.
  197. Shreekant Chatterjee moved to Raipur.
  198. Amaresh Chandra Shukla moved to Rajkot.
  199. Om Prakash Mehra moved to Rajkot.
  200. Ajit Kumar Sinha moved to Rajkot.
  201. Tapas Kumar Dutta moved to Ranchi.
  202. Medesetti Tirumala Kumar moved to Salem.
  203. Narottam Mishra moved to Mangalore.
  204. Anjali Tewari moved to Meerut.
  205. Ajai Das Mehrotra moved to Moradbad.
  206. Ramesh Kumar Kakkar moved to Mumbai.
  207. Pramod CHandra Modi moved to Mumbai.
  208. Laxmi Narayan Pant moved to Mumbai.
  209. Pawan Parmar Singh moved to Mumbai.
  210. Hukum Chand Jain moved to Mumbai.
  211. Braj Kishore Singh moved to Mumbai.
  212. Gauri Shankar Singh moved to Mumbai.
  213. Seema Khorana Patra moved to Mumbai.
  214. Vidhu Shekhar Singh moved to Mumbai.
  215. Kavita Jha moved to Mumbai.
  216. Bishwanath Jha moved to Mumbai.
  217. Shyam Bihari Singh moved to Mumbai.
  218. Pragati Kumar moved to Mumbai.
  219. Dharam Veer Singh moved to Mumbai.
  220. Om Prakash Kakaralia  moved to Mumbai.
  221. Ravindra Kumar Srivastava moved to Mumbai.
  222. Pushpinder Singh Punima moved to Mumbai.
  223. Girija Dayal moved to Mumbai.
  224. Bharatendu Pratap Singh moved to Mumbai.
  225. D. P. Semal moved to Mumbai.
  226. Pravin Verma moved to Mumbai.
  227. CHandra Sekhar Prasad moved to Mumbai.
  228. D. P. Haokip moved to Mumbai.
  229. Pritam Singh moved to Mumbai.
  230. Ravindra Kumar moved to Mumbai.
  231. Nabin KUmar Pradhan moved to Mumbai.
  232. Mahendra Singh moved to Mumbai.
  233. D. C. Patwari  moved to Mumbai.
  234. Kaushalendra Kumar Singh moved to Mumbai.
  235. Rakesh Bhaskar moved to Mumbai.


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