Dial 100′ will change the face of UP Police: Debashish Panda


Durgesh Upadhyay

Meeting Mr. Debashish Panda, 1987 batch UP cadre IAS officer is always akin to a whiff of fresh air. So prompt and warm is he during interactions that you are engrossed and you seldom realize this as he continues to make interesting revelations which absorb you completely.
Presently he is working as Principal Secretary Home, Uttar Pradesh. Being top boss of UP police he has a very important responsibility to maintain law and order situation of the most populated and largest state of India, 22 crore precisely.

In a long chat Mr. Panda talked in detail and elaborated his plans for modernisation of UP Police and especially ‘DIAL 100’ facility in which he is personally involved and considers it his ‘dream-project’ which he wishes to convert into reality.

He informed: “We are working to set up a mega call centre where we are expecting to receive 2 lakh calls per day. There would be 100 dispatch officers completely with IT background working 24X7 in three shifts. They will work like BPOs and would be very prompt. We are going to deploy 3,200 four wheelers which will include modern cars like Innova and Bolero and 1,600 two wheelers for assistance of people. These vehicles will have all modern facilities like MDT ( mobile data terminal) and GPRS set up into it. Whole system will be interconnected and centrally governed. Like, if I want to take a stock of any situation I will be able to connect with my constable on ground immediately.”

He further elaborates: “The objective of this ultra modern facility will be to reach out to a person in emergency in 10-12 minutes in urban area and in 20 minutes in rural pockets. As soon as somebody dials the number an sms will be received and our team will be activated at once.”

Mr. Panda looked quite positive and excited as he shared that he has been seriously working to establish this plan for almost two years. A newly and advanced technology has been introduced in setting up this ‘DIAL 100’ facility and he is sure that it will certainly change the face of Uttar Pradesh Police.

He further adds: “Our aim is to reach out to them who are in emergency situation and it is important that people should be acquainted with the new face of police in Uttar Pradesh. I have personally been persuasive to take necessary approvals and pitching for new set-ups for police. Currently we have only three forensic labs operational in Uttar Pradesh but now we are in the process of setting up 18 forensic labs commissionery- wise.”
He is confident that by middle of November 7 Forensic labs will be operational and it will be quite easy to solve cases and control crime rate in the state.

Apart from ‘DIAL 100’ there are several other projects on which he is working effectively. To summarize a few quickly; they are setting up a completely new building for STF and new structures for Thanas. He showed us pictures of new buildings for police stations and newly designed homes which are being readied up for constables and up to inspector-level officers. He srongly feels, Police personnel are under privileged and that they need better amenities and remunerations to uplift their morale. So beneath the tough and disciplined look lies a soft heart which beats for his juniors.

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