To change image of Lucknow police is priority – Deepak Kumar


Durgesh Upadhyay
Editor – North Block South Block


Young and dynamic IPS officer of 2005 batch Deepak Kumar has been recently posted as SSP, Lucknow. He is known as an honest but brave officer and has successfully handled many critical situations in his earlier postings.


While talking to him we asked about his priories to which he said ” Look, as everybody knows Lucknow is state capital and heart of Uttar Pradesh. According to me there are 3 problems which have to be sorted out. First is traffic. Lucknow people are facing a lot of traffic problem, Second one is encroachment and third one is crime against women. “We are trying to solve it through community policing. I myself have marched in old Lucknow and talked to all stake holders including Vyapar Mandal, media etc”. As Lucknow is a very happening place and all top bureaucrats and Chief minister himself stay here and being SSP of city his role demands major attention in many areas.

                                               Sh. Deepak Kumar

Some complaints of carelessness of policemen have come to light . What is his plan to make policemen act fast and on time? Deepak says ” As you know city is divided into 5 parts in respect of policing. I have personally talked to all SHOs, CO and additional SPs and asked to be more responsible and punctual in their approach. If anybody is doing something wrong then take action against them but do not trouble anybody unnecessarily. I believe image of police suffers only due to bad behaviour and we have to change it”


Recently Chief minister Yogi Adityanath has given instruction to all officers to attend thier CUG numbers and if any officer doesn’t answer call at his CUG number government will act against those officers. Answering this question that few officers have been found not attending thier CUG numbers Mr. Kumar said ” all our officers and me are always in touch with each other on CUG numbers but if any officer is busy in meeting or solving law& order situation then only he will divert the call to his subordinate. The subordinate will hear the case and provide solution. In my view problem should be solved”.


By coming into power Yogi government has launched anti romeo squad and it is operating succesfully but few cases of ill behaviour of policemen were seen. Answering this question he says ” Anti romeo squad has been set up as a part of government’s sankalpa patra. Purpose of seting up this squad is not to harass anybody. There are few youngsters and men who drive wrongly on roads and are involved in eve teasing, police will bring them at police station and will try to explain but if after explaining they repeat that fault then they will be sent to jail. But we have clearly instructed police not to misbehave with any young couple, friends and groups ”


High profile Gayatri Prajapati case has drawn attention of everybody now.When we asked Mr. Kumar about the development in that case he said ” gayatri Prajapati matter is very sensitive and woman has accused him of rape. There were accusations on few policemen also in this case. I have set up an SIT under Circle officer Chowk area. There are four sub inspectors and one PO in this team. investigation is going on “

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