M. Subbarayan appointed Joint Secretary, Dept of Defence

The CSS officer, M. Subbarayan has been appointed as Joint Secretary, Dept of Defence vice Raghvendra Narayan Dubey (IES:84).



  • Monish

    Really a sad state of affairs! A country treating its veterans shabbily.

    This post is real, personal, nothing hidden, no hearsay.
    By Maj Gurdeep Sharma..

    PM has been harping on E Governance as if it is an Aladdin Ka Chirag, it is just a tool, if the handler is Indian bureaucrat, this tool becomes completely redundant; I don’t go crazy hearing the rhetoric, I only believe in action.

    PM proposes and bureaucrats dispose of. Whatever promises, speeches our leaders give, their implementation gets stonewalled with Government machinery that is moth eaten; unless our bureaucrats change, nothing will change.

    We, 11 Majors won a case No. OA 666/2014, RA 4/2016 in the Principal Bench of AFT at Delhi for grant of pension of Lt Col TS scale with grade pay of Major under the provisions of MOD letter dated 21-11-1997.

    The judgment was delivered in our favour on 06 Apr 2016. The AFT directed that the order be complied within 3 months, our pension be revised accordingly and we be paid arrears.
    Our case is exactly like cases of Maj KG Thomas case No. OA 256/2011, RA 25/2013, CA 12209/2014 and Lt Cdr Bhisham Kumar case No. OA 464/2013.

    The law in this regard has finally been laid by the AFT and the Supreme Court.

    I decided to approach the PM on 29th October, my application PMOPG/E/2016/0406238 is registered on Government portal http://pgportal.gov.in/.

    2 days later while attending the Delhi High Golden Jubilee court PM thundered that litigation should be reduced and Government is biggest litigant in the country, my hope in the system got rekindled.

    Above application was forwarded to Defence Ministry by PMO on 29th October, it is stuck with one joint secretary, PG coord Shri. M Subbarayan, phone no 01123017828, email id; m.subbarayan@nic.in

    Phone calls, mails, yielded no result.

    I did not stop, wrote another application no PMOPG/E/2016/0436374 dated 11 Nov 2016, this too is stuck with same bureaucrat.

    I wrote one more, directly to the public grievances portal, reference no DOPPW/E/2016/13077 dated 30th Nov 2016, it is stuck with ADDL.CDA Niranjan Kumar CDA pensions Allahabad phone no 05322421865 email id cda-albd@nic.in.

    Till date I have not received any update on the issue.
    It is a simple matter but our Government is heartless.

    Veterans are made to approach Supreme Court when they win a case in AFT. Readers can check the status as explained above by entering my email ID prontoits@gmail.com.

    Do you know why ministries file cases in highest court even when they know that ultimately court orders must be complied with?

    It is scam, lawyers keep getting court attendance fee at 10000 per hearing per lawyer and there is always more than one lawyer for each case, there are 1000’s of such cases in AFT’s and SC.

    Where should one go? Veterans die waiting for justice, Rank pay case ran for 18 years. Do we have this kind of time, money, and energy?

    Please make this case viral so that it wakes up the system; it could be you, at the receiving end, some other time.

    Please ponder my countrymen; we don’t need enemy, he is within.

    Major Gurdeep Samra

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